Chris Hemsworth selected as Thor

Captain Kirk’s dad is Marvel's thunder god

According to the latest rumours, Kenneth Branagh may have found his Thor in Chris Helmsworth, AKA the ill-fated father of Captain Kirk in the latest Star Trek.

Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Branagh and the Marvel team have settled on Helmsworth – last seen commanding the USS Kelvin to death as George Kirk in Trek – to wield the Norse god hero’s mighty hammer.

If it’s true – while Daily is reporting it as gospel, Marvel has yet to confirm it – then Helmsworth will not only star in Thor but also appear in The Avengers.

It’ll also a signal a good time for the actor, since he just snagged the lead in United Artists’ remake of Red Dawn, and also recently wrapped a part in the Joss Whedon-produced Cabin In The Woods

UPDATE! It's official - both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are covering that he's in final talks. So... yes. Someone who used to appear in Home & Away really will be Thor...

[Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Is he the right man for Thor? Who would you pick?


    • RobbyRichmond

      May 17th 2009, 22:42

      The dude from home and away? really? sorry, im gonna need convincing on this one Kenneth... who has made many an odd casting decision in his time, sleuth in particular...

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    • Lingdada

      Nov 1st 2009, 17:55

      Well Chris Helmsworth has got the stunning blonde looks needed for the part,but we'll have to see if he can act his way to a more meaningful depiction of a God?

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