Christopher Nolan keen on Matthew McConaughey to lead Interstellar?

In the driving seat to head up new sci-fi

Christopher Nolan has an eye on a potential leading man for forthcoming sci-fi flick Interstellar, with Matthew McConaughey reportedly in the director’s crosshairs.

According to Deadline, Nolan has offered McConaughey the part of Cooper, the lead character in a property that was initially being handled by Steven Spielberg before Nolan took the reigns earlier this year.

The film is apparently inspired by the scientific theories of Caltech physicist and relativity expert Kip S. Thorne, who posited the theory that wormholes exist and can be used for time travel.

Plot details are scarce at this stage, but it is thought the script (penned by Christopher’s brother Jonah) will document a voyage of scientific discovery based around Thorne’s theory.

If Nolan has indeed offered McConaughey the role, we’d be surprised to see him turn it down, given the director’s remarkable hit record. The career renaissance of Hollywood’s most famous abs looks set to go from strength to strength…

Would McConaughey be a good pick for leading man? Tell us, below!


    • Ali1748

      Mar 29th 2013, 18:23

      I've always liked McConaughey so it's great to see him having a run like this in the second half of his career.

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    • trist808

      Mar 30th 2013, 0:14

      Agreed, with Killer Joe and The Paperboy he's shown he's still got the acting chops, this could give him the limelight once more in a much bigger project. Nolan will get the best out of him.

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    • Spamm

      Mar 30th 2013, 1:27

      I suppose we should have expected this, after the fiasco of "Rises" Nolan's lost most of his creative integrity.

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    • StevePotter

      Mar 30th 2013, 1:53

      "Fiasco?" You mean the generally well-liked film that made tons of money and satisfied a good amount of the fanbase, if not everyone? Also, what part of "making a movie that my brother wrote that's about some high concept scientific theories" screams "lost creative integrity" to you?

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    • FBALeal

      Apr 1st 2013, 2:09

      Spamm. You do not know what you are talking about.

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