Christian Bale flips out on T4 set

Yes, yes. We know you've heard it. But the remixes are even better...

The leaked audio of Christian Bale berating a careless crew member on the Terminator Salvation set is unpleasant and ugly and very, very funny.

Funnier still is the rack of audio mash-ups and remixes already doing the rounds - less than 24 hours after the source recording appeared online...

All together now: god bless the internet.

WARNING! These clips contain some, like, really bad words. Mostly the one beginning with 'f'.

UPDATE: Assistant Director/Associate Producer Bruce Franklin has responded to the clip by defending Bale: "It was the most emotional scene in the movie. He is very intensely involved in his character. He didn't walk around like that all day long. It was just a moment and it passed."


RevoLucian's mix weaves in audio of Barbara Streisand's notorious 2006 wig-out at a Bush supporter.


oAngrySalado's drum-and-bass treatment is a spiky, shuffly riff on Bale's tired and emotional mood - with a hilarious drop out and volume-hike in the bit where the hapless crew-fella tries to explain himself.


sortilegus' take chops up the audio and drops in a doomy riff and crunchy breakbeat. Great scratch-sampling, too.


karaokefuntime's version is brilliantly lazy but effective - merely dropping in Huey Lewis' 'Hip To Be Square' over Bale's bile (recalling the axe bit from American Psycho).


And here's the original, courtesy of darthvacuumcleaner's minimalist video editing...


    • sleepwalker

      Feb 3rd 2009, 16:47

      If he brings that same intensity and passion into the role im sure it will be brilliant. It seems that like with the rule that every second Star Trek film must be good, everysecond Batman must be a difficult b*****d.

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    • chrisp182

      Feb 3rd 2009, 18:02

      what an idiot. theres no doubting his acting talent... but to belittle someone like that and publicly humiliate the guy is just uncalled for . oh no someone walked on the set whilst he was acting... he should spend a day in the life of someone who is eeking out their life on minimum wage to support their family... and then find out he's lost his job. THATS stressful, THATS a good reason to lose your cool. im sure he deals with alot of stresses i could barely comprehend, but he has a good life... and his threat to never work with the DP again, how childish. it annoys me because McG doesnt stick up for the guy, all because its christian bale and hes surrounded by people too scared to stand up against him.... by the way im a HUUUGE christian bale fan, just of his acting skills, not when he behaves like this

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    • nick1991

      Feb 3rd 2009, 18:10

      Amazing actor, brilliant and committed in pretty much everything he does but he does seem to be a massive c*nt otherwise

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    • teekay_nz

      Feb 3rd 2009, 19:28

      when are the actors going to realize that without the people behind the camera they would be nothing? as the DP i'd like the set to make him look s*it in every angle, profile he is, just to make him realize how small a role he (bale) actually has

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    • Ozzogip

      Feb 3rd 2009, 21:40

      I think Christian is great, and I think he was right to tell the guy off. The dp should know better. Did he have to go so ballistic? Of course not, but if he is try to focus in an intense I am not surprised he flew off the handle like that. Plus, where the hell is McG in all of this. He should be taking control.

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    • macd72

      Feb 3rd 2009, 22:37

      What a f**king prick....

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    • casinoheat

      Feb 4th 2009, 11:00

      I love him, that was funny as sh#t

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    • blade32

      Feb 4th 2009, 13:35

      LOVE Christan Bale, but damn he can be a cu*t. That was way out of line to rant on at a guy for 3 mintues. fair enough he was trying to focus and get into the role, but that crossed the line into diva-esque behaviour. Get a grip Christan, you're not untouchable!

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    • bionicruth

      Feb 8th 2009, 0:08

      Aw it's sad that they are "F*****g done, man ... professionally" but maybe they can till be friends off set cos after all, the DP is "a nice guy". The most amusing part of this for me was Mr Bales continualy changing accent (Kick your a*s man!) and the statement from Mr Franklin claiming this occured during the filming of the most emotional scene in the movie. This T4 we are talking about right? Excited as I am I'm doubting that it will either move me to tears or disturb me to my very core which considering the intensity of the b*****king the poor guy got, is a little suprising. However this clip bought tears to my eyes .. Bloody funny!

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    • JamieS99

      Mar 30th 2009, 13:04

      I have heard this happening from a freind but does anybody know why he actually did it?

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