Christoph Waltz injured prepping Django Unchained

Dislocates pelvis in horse riding accident

TF was all “Ooooooh” when we heard Kurt Russell was replacing Kevin Costner on Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. But we were all “Owwwww” when we heard Christoph Waltz had dislocated his pelvic bone in a horse riding accident during pre-production of the same film. 
According to a statement from his agent, the Oscar-winning actor was injured while training with his horse in preparation for the role. 
“Waltz is currently being treated for a dislocated pelvic bone and is looking forward to getting back in the saddle,” the statement added. 
The actor will miss the New York Film Festival premiere of Roman Polanski's Carnage while he recovers. 
Django Unchained is currently in pre-production, with the shoot due to start in November. 
The film also features Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson and is set to open in the US on 25 December 2012.

Would you be looking forward to getting back in the saddle if you'd just dislocated your pelvic bone? Is it time to make every film a CGI adventure and protect our delicate thesps from these real life injuries? Tell us below! 


    • alexr

      Oct 4th 2011, 15:31

      A friend of mine was a passenger in a car when the driver fell asleep at the wheel, veered off the road, and rolled down an embankment. Following the crash my friend was miraculously unscathed - not even a bruise. Finding out he couldn't open his door as it was badly damaged, he decided to climb out the window. As luck would have it, he slipped and fell out the car. He broke his pelvis. It hurt. A lot. Oh, how I laughed when he told me this! (What else are friends for?)

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    • mirnalutcha

      Oct 5th 2011, 2:15

      This is the best cast in a film ever! Can anyone confirm or deny Denise Milfort playing Broomhilda?

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