Chronicle clip online

Cool clip from found footage superhero flick…

We're ridiculously excited about Chronicle at Total Film Towers. We think it's got cult sleeper-hit written all over it.
The real-kids-get-super-powers high-concept might not be particularly original (Misfits, anyone?) but we're not sure we care when it's delivered this well. 
We were just starting to get a bit sick of portentous super-hero flicks filled with sombre teens struggling with the responsibilities of super-powers.
So it's refreshing to see a gang of kids doing what we'd do if we ever gained the ability to fly or control stuff with our minds - pricking about and having fun.
This new clip is the latest evidence that's exactly what the main thread of Chronicle will involve - a bunch of mates messing about with their powers, before things take a turn for the disturbing.
Check it out below:


 What did you think of the clip? Excited about Chronicle? Tell us!


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