Cla$$war will be adapted

Superhero comic thriller on its way to the screen…

Hooray for good writers! Comic series Cla$$war has been nabbed by Mandeville Films for the adaptation treatment.

Friend of the mag Rob Williams created the book, which features art by Trevor Hairsine, Cary Nord and Travel Foreman, and focuses on a secret government super soldier program.

Problems arise when their leading subject - codenamed The American - discovers the truth behind he and his fellow heroes' creation and their government's plans for them. So he rebels...

Mandeville, which produced The Surrogates and is behind The Fighter with Christian Bale, is now searching for a writer to turn the collected tomes into a script. Paging Mr Williams…

[Source: Bleeding Cool]

Sound like a good idea? Have you read the original comic?


    • Argentus

      Oct 17th 2009, 15:30

      Hope they stay true to the source material and have people punching off jaws

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