Clark Gregg gives update on S.H.I.E.L.D. series

And suggests Agent Coulson could reappear in the movies

Clark Gregg appears to be the principle beneficiary of the creation of a new S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, with the actor taking time out to explain how his character Agent Coulson is set to be given a new lease of life.
“It’s one of the many things people tell you that never ever happens,” says Gregg of his character’s impending revival. “And then I get this call from Joss saying, ‘Well…there’s a script.  And here’s what we’re thinking, and it’s after The Avengers, and here’s the concept.’ By the time Joss finished telling me, I was in.”
You might be scratching you heads as to just how Coulson will be reappearing, particularly given the events depicted in The Avengers, but according to Gregg, that’s a story for another day.
“After people see the show, they’ll have some clue as to why I’m still there, still breathing,” explains Gregg. “But I don’t think they’ll know everything… “
And as to whether Coulson may yet return for another big-screen outing, Gregg sounds similarly positive.

“If my schedule doesn’t conflict, and they need him in one of the movies, will they come calling? My feeling is that there’s no breaks in continuity with this and the Marvel movie universe. It makes sense in that universe, and I certainly feel like his chances of appearing in those movies are far better than when he was far out dead.” 

Would you welcome a return for Agent Coulson? Tell us, below! 


    • mattburgess

      Apr 2nd 2013, 11:34

      The wait for this is becoming unpleasant...

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    • BobTheSkull

      Apr 2nd 2013, 12:07

      Agreed. I'm really looking forward to this.

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    • SiMan

      Apr 2nd 2013, 13:21

      Life model Decoy. Bettcha.

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    • FBALeal

      Apr 2nd 2013, 15:06

      It looks like someone at Marvel feels that killing off Coulson was a mistake. I mean how determined they are at bringing him back to life. I admit that I roll my eyes every time I watch the scene where Coulson is killed.

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    • mattburgess

      Apr 2nd 2013, 15:23

      If Coulson can come back, Wash can come back.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 2nd 2013, 17:48

      I love Coulson but you gotta stick to your guns and leave him dead.

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    • Waiting4Codot

      Apr 2nd 2013, 20:20

      I always imagined that Coulson was another candidate for the Super Soldier program. So much was his love for Captain America, he would definitely be the first in line to do it. While it didn't give him the body Cap had, it may have given him some other qualities that could put him back on his feet. Of course, that's just wild imagination.

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    • TheDRQ

      Apr 3rd 2013, 8:30

      Frankly, I don't see why the show has to have anything to do with the Movie Franchise(s). The Movies have nothing to do with the CURRENT Comic Book stories. There is no reason that this show can't just be it's own universe.

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