Cleveland hosts its final Avengers scenes

Shoot moves to New York for final few days

The Avengers completed its last night of filming in Cleveland at 5am this morning, with the production moving to New York for the final few scenes. 
Before that took place there was time for Scarlett Johansson to film scenes at an old warehouse on Ashland Road near Longfellow Avenue.
Another scene also took place on Walnut Avenue at East Ninth Street, with a bus and taxi crushed during the destruction.
Ed FitzGerald, a representative of Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, was on set to witness how money authorised by the area's politicians was being spent. 
"The glamour is interesting but I wanted to see where our money is going," he told The Plain Dealer, talking about the $160,000-a-year payment to the Greater Cleveland Film Commission. 
"I don't think anyone can argue now that the money was well spent. There was an explosion of economic activity brought to the area by this film."
More important to TF readers will be what made up the final scenes FitzGerald watched, which were shot inside the 99-year-old Lakeside Avenue courthouse.
They happened to be the interior shots that result in a crowd spilling out of the court house – as witnessed in last week's filming. 
FitzGerald confirmed that the scene is a formal ball, where god of lies Loki and one of the heroes fight. A snapper for Superhero Hype managed to take the photo below with an Egyptian-style altar at its centre before the set was cleared. 

Joss Whedon will soon begin cutting this movie together. Can the Buffy and Firefly/Serenity ace make The Avengers as great as its individual parts? Or will it become a murky soup with too many ingredients? That last food metaphor has made us hungry, so comment below while we head for snacks! 


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