Clint Eastwood talks Expendables 3

“Maybe I’ll direct it”

Sylvester Stallone seems hell-bent on collecting every Hollywood badass who ever lived for his ever-expanding Expendables series, with Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood the latest names on his hit-list for Part Three.

Producer Avi Lerner told us that Nic Cage has already been brought on board to join the cast, and that plans were afoot to add the other three as soon as possible. However, the plan might have hit a slight setback when it comes to Eastwood…

"He does?" asked Eastwood, when told that Stallone wants him to join in the fun. "I haven't had the opportunity to see [The Expendables] yet. I haven't read any material.”

So would he consider taking a role, when Sly comes a-knocking? “Probably not,” replied Eastwood. “I'm probably more apt to direct something. Maybe I'll direct Expendables 3.”

Now that would be an interesting change of pace. How are you with directing motorbikes flying into helicopters, Mr Eastwood? Mr Eastwood? Where are you going?

Would you like to see Clint join the Expendables gang? Tell us, below!


    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Sep 19th 2012, 12:16

      oh, then 3 might not be s**te, which would be nice

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 19th 2012, 12:51

      Just a cameo as an evil CEO (or a normal CEO as it were ). Or a voiceover as Sly's dad. ANYTHING!

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    • LSJShez

      Sep 19th 2012, 14:23

      He should play the retired leader of the 'original' Expendables, and Sly's mentor. We catch up with him jogging round a lake, keeping in shape, like he was doing in Firefox. Sly needs his help. Christ, I could right the f*****g thing!

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    • LSJShez

      Sep 19th 2012, 14:24

      right=write. That's me getting all excited!

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    • Siban1982

      Sep 19th 2012, 15:30

      Eastwood is a little wiser when looking at a script and there's probably a reason why he hasn't watched the first one. Eastwood directing it? I know it's a joke but I don't think the plucking of an acoustic guitar for the soundtrack would really fit now would it?

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 19th 2012, 17:54

      Maybe he could partner with an empty chair. Oh yes, I went there!

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    • Spankycuffs

      Sep 19th 2012, 19:32

      I'm with LSJ, just a two minute cameo as Sly's old mentor would be brilliant. Surely Arnie and Bruce would lower their fee's for a chance to share the screen with a legend like Clint so the money shouldn't be a problem. C'mon Clint; I'll beg if thats what it takes....

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 19th 2012, 19:42

      Sadness pie.

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