Cloverfield 2 on the cards?

Matt Reeves lets the cat out of the bag

Like much of the canon of J.J. Abrams, Cloverfield splits opinion. For every viral-snaffling fanboy who can’t get enough of its twisty-turny creepiness, there’s a sceptic dismissing it as a cheap trick, all smoke and mirrors and no substance.

So there will be the usual mixture of cheers and groans at the news that a sequel seems very much in the pipeline, at least according to director Matt Reeves.

Speaking during promo work for vampire remake Let Me In, Reeves revealed that “Cloverfield 2 is on hold for now.” Which sounds pretty conclusive that a sequel is at least in the planning stage, if nothing else.

“J.J is very involved with Super 8,” he continued, “and I've been doing Let Me In, so we have shelved it until we can get the team from the first back together."

Given the box-office killing made by the first film, we’d be fairly surprised if this one didn’t happen, to be honest. And regardless of your thoughts on the original, the intention to reassemble the original crew is a promising sign that the sequel will be more than just a half-hearted cash-in.

Details are still scarce plot-wise (when are they anything else where Abrams is concerned?), but the idea of a prequel has long been mooted. Let the online theorizing commence!

Does the world need another Cloverfield? Does the world need J.J. Abrams? Let us know now!

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    • flippant

      Jul 26th 2010, 14:31

      Please. Though it feels like all the movies I'd like to see - like Guillermo del Toro's "At the Mountains of Madness' - seem to keep getting delayed or canceled. I'm not going to hold my breath.

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    • Mattsimus

      Jul 26th 2010, 22:50

      Prequel?.............oh wow WHAT A f*****g SURPRISE why not have the balls to just make a sequal????????oh thats right cos a preqel is the new sequel........duh, silly me.........

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Jul 27th 2010, 1:48

      Prequel or sequel doesn't matter, as long as someone remembers to include oh say, A PLOT!!

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    • Desperation

      Jul 27th 2010, 11:07

      They shouldn't make a sequel or a prequel. They should make another film happening at exactly the same time as the first one. Manhattan is a big place and we only caught a tiny glimpse of all that went on that night. There's hundreds of other stories that could be told.

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