Coen Brothers get bloody

They’re going back to their brutal roots with No Country For Old Men

Prepare for grizzly murder, painful mutilation and sneaky double-crossing: we’re back in the wacky world of the Coen brothers!

Joel and Ethan Coen are returning to their darker Blood Simple style for an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s blood-soaked book No Country For Old Men. It’s a noir thriller set in West Texas.

In the script, a hunter named Llewellyn Moss, who’s out tracking antelope near the Rio Grande, instead finds dead men, a cache of heroin and more than $2 million in cash. He’s sorely tempted by the cash, which he knows will change his life. But when two more men are slain and a victim is discovered in his burning car does a local sheriff realise that Moss and his wife are in more trouble than they thought – there’s a number of evil men after the money and the drugs, and Moss, his missus and Sheriff Bell are caught in the crossfire…

The boys plan to start shooting in May with locations in Texas and New Mexico. There’s no whiff of casting yet, but it already sounds like a brutal winner…

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