Colin Farrell talks Total Recall and Fright Night remakes

“I didn’t want to like it when I read it”

colin farrell

Colin Farrell has spoken out about his attachment to remakes of beloved cult classics Fright Night and Total Recall, revealing that he’s as cynical about the re-do process as anybody.

While promoting new movie The Way Back with Collider, the Irish rogue talked about his possible attachment to the Total Recall reboot (“I’d like to. I just don’t know. I’m not sure”), discussing the amount of action that it would involve.

“There’s a good bit of action,” he says, “It kind of sits on the fence in a really good way. It’s clever and it’s well written. And there’s loads of action. I saw some of pre-visualizations already, that have been done for the world that they’re going to create and it’s wicked man.

“It’s the first time in years where I went, ‘Wow, I could be part of that? In that frame?’ It’s gone back to the original. Am I definitely doing that, are you going to ask? I dunno. I dunno.”

Meanwhile, he added that when he first picked up for the Fright Night remake he was determined not to like it – but Buffy scribe Marti Nixon’s script won him over:

“I didn’t want to like it when I read it. ‘Cause I wanted to be able to go, ‘What, they’re remaking Fright Night… Hollywood.’ So I read it and I liked it. So fuck it, I’m going to go to work.

“It’s not in competition with the original. It doesn’t negate the existence of the original. The original is still around. It might find a new audience. If it’s not an hour and fifty minutes of entertainment then we screwed up.”

Think Farrell's making a mistake attaching himself to remakes? Or can he bring something fresh to them? Tell us your thoughts below...


    • MadMatt

      Jan 7th 2011, 15:09

      If it's 'going back to the original' - I presume he means Dick's short story - why are they ripping off Verhoeven's title? I'm stunned that anyone thinks a hack like Wiseman can make a better film than Paul Verhoeven. The Underworld movies make Hollow Man look like Citizen Kane. Things we know about this remake: 1 - No three-boobed mutants, and 2 - No one gets their a*s to Mars. What's the point?

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    • Igrayne

      Jun 3rd 2011, 20:36

      Reamking any Verhoeven film is a joke, the reason the Dutch maestro does not make sequels either following his own work or others is because they are flawed nine out of ten times and remakes are more like one good one in thirty. Even when remakes are good they are usually four stars maximum so what is the bloody point? Frightnight is one of the most underated horror films of all time and does not require a remake of any kind especially by the writer of fing Buffy, my goodness what?

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