Comic-Con 09: Avatar’s epic battle climax

Expect the biggest action scene ever, says Cameron...

You thought Titanic was big? Forget it. Avatar packs a climactic final battle sequence that’ll blow it out of the water, says James Cameron.

“There’s a couple of battles scenes towards the end, the last of which is kind of the mother of all battles,” revealed Cameron to Total Film.

How big are we talking? “Biggest thing I’ve ever done, absolutely,” he explains. “It’s got everything. Everything. It’s aerial, it’s ground, it’s cavalry, it’s infantry, it’s mech and infantry, it’s hand-to-hand, it’s gonzo...”

And it’s in 3D. We’re going to lie down for a little while to imagine that. Stick close to for all latest Avatar updates...


    • StuntmanSam

      Jul 25th 2009, 9:17

      Just imaging how big this scene could be is mind blowing. Watching the actual thing will probably cause wide-spread brain explosions

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    • AYBGerrardo

      Jul 25th 2009, 12:38

      Christ, I can imagine it now... half an hour through an "epic" scene that's far outstayed its welcome.

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    • roflmar

      Jul 26th 2009, 21:38

      I was there at SDCC when Cameron showed us the 25 minutes of footage and I gotta say this is DEFINITELY going to be a huge blockbuster. This is also definitely a movie that NEEDS to be watched in FULL imax 3D (not that "imax digital" rubbish). By the way Jonathon if you're reading this - thanks for the cab fare to the airport today. I'll buy you a beer Comic-Con '10

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