Comic-Con 09: Disney announces Alice Exhibit

You're invited to a tea party...

Attention all those at Comic Con: Disney wants to invite you to visit Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.


No, it's not a screening - the film is nowhere near ready for that. But the studio has brought the travelling exhibit that features props from the film and 3D models of sets. 


Total Film was among a select group of press who got to see a sneak preview the night before, and as our pictures below show, there is some fun stuff to see.


The exhibit was announced at the end of the Disney 3D panel in Comic Con's Hall H. To start to search for the exhibit, be sure to follow the Twitter account set up for the exhibit...









    • Dominc

      Jul 24th 2009, 14:24

      Cant wait for that film 2 come out next march Tim Burton is the best director ever his films are never a let down and after seeing a trailer 4 this I think this will be just has good.

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    • filmfancier

      Jul 24th 2009, 14:39

      Only Johnny Depp can pull off a costume like that and make it look right. Can't wait for this film!

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    • liam13

      Jul 24th 2009, 18:37

      Over the past couple of months, pictures and now props have been slowly filtering into the public; and with each new picture the film looks better and better. Depp is looking fantastic, creepy and can't wait to watch this; Burton is one of the best contemporary directors!

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