Comic-Con 09: First Nightmare On Elm Street Poster

Another look at Freddy...

Clearly, Freddy Krueger is aiming to take over Comic-Con, as the first poster for the movie has appeared.

IGN has the pic, which you can see below.

We still haven't got a close look at Jackie Earle Haley's Krueger, but that will change as the team gets the word out.

We're glad to see they're not trying to re-invent his look, even as they overhaul the character for a slightly less campy style.

Take a look at the pic and tell us what you think...


    • Dominc

      Jul 23rd 2009, 11:39

      Looks good lets hope its has good has the other nightmare on elm street films.

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    • Trabajoso

      Jul 23rd 2009, 21:06

      Remember the time... Well I still remember the 80's and Freddy Krueger, I love the first movie and the Third and in a minor level the Four, of course Frank Darabont help in this, but I hope they reinvented the movie and don't make a copy paste from Craven's. The Choice of Jacke Early is superb, is anyone don't see Watchmen, well what are waiting for is mesmerizing the performance, and make me chills. The Poster is Okay, have the motif of the firts nightmare.

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