Comic-Con 09: The Green Hornet Car revealed!

Seth Rogen unveils The Black Beauty

Seth Rogen tore the wraps off The Green Hornet's car - The Black Beauty - at Comic Con on Wednesday evening, and we were there.

On what is usually a quieter night - Preview Night - at the Con, the studio had the exhibition hall cleared at closing time and brought in Seth Rogen, director Michel Gondry and Rogen's co-writer Evan Goldberg to reveal the vehicle, which had been on display, but under wraps.

Boasting hood-mounted machine guns and, according to Rogen himself, "lots of other surprises, including lethal and non-lethal weapons", it's still keeping to the look of the Hornet's classic ride.

It's a 1960s Chrysler Imperial, and looks set to garner plenty of attention when the film starts shooting - hopefully in September.

As for the movie itself, Rogen did say that Nic Cage hadn't yet locked in a deal to appear in the film and that they were in the process of tracking down a Kato.

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    • jdemicco

      Jul 28th 2009, 13:39

      I just saw Rogan on Conan and he's lost a lot of weight for this flick. The car looks a little antiquated but I'm sure it will look great in "action." I'm really looking forward to this movie--I hope they do it up right.

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