Comic-Con 09: Tim Burton talks Alice

No sexy time with Mad Hatter...

Tim Burton laughed off rumours that his upcoming 3D version of Alice In Wonderland would see Alice (Mia Wasikowska) have a slightly saucier relationship with Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter.
“She’s just a young girl... please!” laughed the director. “She’s older but she’s not that old!”
Burton also confirmed to Total Film that he’s combining pure animation and live action for his 3D vision, even if he isn’t using the 3D ‘virtual camera’ system used by the likes of James Cameron’s Avatar.
“With Alice growing and the shrinking inside this world, 3D really puts you into this special kind of space and place,” explains Burton.
He also confirms that gothic soap opera Dark Shadows is next after Wonderland. “If I ever finish this one, yeah, that’s the plan!”

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