Comic-Con 2011: First Twilight: Breaking Dawn footage unveiled

Bella and Edward get in on

twilight breaking dawn

Twilight descended on Comic-Con today, opening the four-day festivities with a sneak peek at the saga's latest entry, Breaking Dawn Part 1.

In attendance were series stars Robert Pattinson (with an odd, half-shaved haircut), Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and their director Bill Condon.

What everybody was here for, of course (other than to scream at R-Pattz) was to get their first glimpse at footage from the movie.

And Condon and co didn’t disappoint, unveiling  not one but two clips from Breaking Dawn. The first focussed entirely on Jacob, who confronts other members of his pack in the woods (“I wanna talk!” he screams).

It’s a serious, moody segment that shows Jacob making the turn from lovesick pup to serious bad-ass. “He got his heart crushed,” says Lautner, “he is forced to mature and become his own man.”

The second clip got the biggest reaction, offering Twihards an extended look at Bella and Edward’s exotic honeymoon.

In the scene, Edward sweeps Bella off her feet as they enter their hotel room.  “Wanna go for a swim?” he asks. Bella’s nervous: “I could use a few human moments.”

After Edward heads down to the beach for a nighttime dip, Bella locks herself in the bathroom, then shaves her legs and brushes her teeth in preparation for the power couple’s first time between the sheets.

“Don’t be a coward,” Bella tells herself after pulling some (rather sexy) black lingerie from her suitcase. Heading down to the beach only wrapped in a towel, she spots Edward bathed in moonlight. Dropping the towel, she prepares to join him...

It’s actually one of the series’ most dynamic scenes, blending spry humour and we've-all-been-there pathos with some very amorous mood lighting that gives the scene a glossy edge.

Naturally, Twihards went mental. “It’s a really intense ride,” Condon acknowledged during the panel. It certainly looks that way.

Breaking up at the prospect fo Breaking Dawn? Or think all the fuss is for nothing? Chuck us your thoughts below...


    • murphy

      Jul 21st 2011, 20:58

      Twilight at comic-con! WTF! why is this pish at comic-con? It's f*****g terrible,i watched it with my (now ex) girlfriend because she complained that we didn't watch enough things that she liked and after that i knew we weren't going to last.

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    • billchich82

      Jul 21st 2011, 21:45

      shaves her legs and brushes her feet? surely thats something old shirtless neds t do!

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    • nycrkfan

      Jul 21st 2011, 22:49

      muprhy - sounds like she's better off without you

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    • murphy

      Jul 21st 2011, 23:11

      hahahaha nycrkfan you're probably right! but at least now i don't have to sit through water for elephants :)

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    • writerdave87

      Jul 22nd 2011, 0:48

      Ironically that's actually not a bad film.

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