Comic-Con 2011: Immortals panel packs a punch

Fight scene revealed at the Con


Tarsem Singh’s godly smash-em-up Immortals descended on Comic-Con today.

The director was present alongside his impressively hunky cast – Kellan Lutz, Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans and new Superman, Henry Cavill.

Meanwhile, Freida Pinto brought a touch of class (and something for the boys).

An R-rated version of the trailer kicked off proceedings, featuring lots of head-lopping and blood-spurting.

After that, Singh debuted an impressively muscular fight scene, in which Evans’ Zeus enters a cavernous keep and proceeds to slay numerous nasties.

Visceral and bloody, it was like the violence of 300 dialled up another level. Now we just hope that the story can match Singh’s fantastic visuals.

And even though the project is an expensive, effects-heavy studio movie, the likable director insisted there was “enough of my DNA in there to feel like it’s my film”. Here’s hoping he can pull it off.

Immortals opens 11 November.

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