Conan The Barbarian gets a UK trailer

“Behold, in despair, your new master!”


The UK trailer for Conan The Barbarian has been released online.

Though it dumps the horrible rock soundtrack that plagued most of Conan’s other trailers, it still looks like a cheesy romp in the same vein as the Mummy movies.

Jason Momoa plays Conan, whose father was slain by Stephen Lang’s bloodthirsty warlord, and who swears vengeance on the tyrant.

Cue some impressive CGI vistas, lots of snarling and sword-wielding, and Lang on particularly menacing form as a big, bald baddie.

Like the other Conan trailers that have been released so far, this one makes the film look like it could be something of a guilty pleasure.

And after the likes of Clash Of The Titans and Prince Of Persia, we're in desperate need of a decent sandy epic.

So long as Conan doesn’t turn into The Scorpion King, we'll be happy.

Check out the new trailer below…

Conan The Barbarian opens 26 August.

Barbaric? Or brilliant? Will you be going to see Conan when he's released? Chuck us your comments below...


    • MorganRoss

      Jul 6th 2011, 11:34

      Momoa kicked 10 shades of a*s in Game of Thrones so I'm quitely hopeful for this; that and the fact that Ron Perlman always rules!

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