Could Bond’s Blofeld return?

Michael Sheen talk sparks rumours

File this one under High Unlikely: Michael Sheen is being rumoured as possibly involved in Bond 23.

Considering its tabloid-tastic source (the Daily Express), we’re fully expecting it to be shot down, but the rumour whispers have it he’s “negotiating” to resurrect legendary Bond baddie Blofeld for the new film.

It sounds more like a lark cooked up by writer Peter Morgan – who is actually attached to co-write the next 007 outing – throwing his old mate’s name into the mix.

"Michael is hot property right now and it is felt that he's the right man to bring Blofeld back to life," an “unnamed source” blabs to the newspaper. "Michael was a Bond fan in his youth, so this would be a dream role for him."

Still, even if it is so much tattle, we’ve got to admit we’d like to see Sheen take a crack at the man in charge of Spectre. He’s a great actor and we’re sure he’d bring something unique.

Whether he’d want to step into shoes (and a bald cap, if going the whole way) already filled by the likes of Donald Pleasance, Charles Gray and Telly Savalas is anyone’s guess…

Source: Daily Express (via Guardian Online)

Do you want Sheen as Blofeld? Or should they leave him at the bottom of the chimney?


    • Desperation

      Jun 17th 2009, 14:17

      Hmmm. On face value it seems a bit daft, but thinking about it it might not be such a bad idea. Bond needs to take a step backwards anyway and bring back some of that Bond feeling that they've lost. I mean, QoS was a great film, but no way was it a Bond film. Bringing back someone like Blofeld could help in that regard. If he does come back though, he shouldn't be stroking his white cat. That would be a step too far, i think. If they do that they may as well bring back Roger Moore's one liners and Pierce Brosnan's f*****g invisible car. However, i do agree that it is "highly unlikely" that we'll be seeing Blofeld. But regardless of the specifics, i can see Sheen making a good Bond baddie.

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    • apbgreen

      Jun 17th 2009, 15:33

      Think you'll find it was a throwaway comment over at 'Empire' that started this one off.

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