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Cowboys And Aliens

The first teaser trailer for Daniel Craig and Jon Favreau’s comic adap of Cowboys And Aliens has beamed online.

A mixture of footage already glimpsed earlier this year at Comic-Con, and snippets of new bits, it effectively sets up the film’s enticing central premise.

In a nutshell: Craig is a wanted man in 1873 Arizona whose incarceration is interrupted when aliens attack him and his peaceful village.

Check out the teaser below…

Though alien invasion films have suddenly become en vogue again (see this year’s Skyline and next year’s Battle: Los Angeles), Cowboys & Aliens should blow all the competition out of the sky.

Polished, genre-warping and just really freakin’ cool, if the titular battle didn’t already have us wetting ourselves with excitement, seeing Craig and Harrison Ford gruffing it out on screen definitely does.

Cowboys & Aliens opens 12 August, 2011.

Ready for the cowboys vs aliens smackdown? Tell us your thoughts below...


    • johnneyred

      Nov 18th 2010, 17:48

      Bit slow guys, CultureDeluxe had this up last night! Glad to see we're on the same page though re looking forward to what's revealed so far.

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    • Andy85

      Nov 18th 2010, 21:38

      Is anyone else thinking 'Freddy Kreuger' with Daniel in that hat??

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    • jceaser

      Nov 19th 2010, 21:32

      damn gotta see this.

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