Crank 2 script made Statham need tissues

"This is silly. When do we make it?"

When Total Film talked to Jason Statham about Crank 2: High Voltage, he couldn't be more excited. Hit the gallery to your right to see some reasons why you should be too.

“It’s from the fucking stratosphere," he said. "It’s so out there, it’s so wacky, it’s so unbelievable.”

Why's it so wacky? Well, High Voltage sees Statham's Chev Chelios' indestructible heart get pilfered and replaced with a blood-pumper that needs constant zaps of electricity to keep motoring. Cue some ridiculous buzzing and high-voltage stunts.

Despite the lunacy, Statham was impressed with High Voltage's writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's approach.

“They write very, very quickly and they sent me the script and I was thumbing through it with a box of tissues just laughing and crying, going, ‘This is absolutely silly. When do we make it?’”

For more Statham action, check out our Related News section. But first, hit the gallery to your right for five reasons this could be the greatest film ever made.


    • sowasred2012

      Nov 28th 2008, 17:32

      I've got nothing against a bit of T&A but seriously; when the hell did Total Film turn into f*ckin Nuts/Zoo for film geeks?! Practically every day there's a "feature" which amounts to nothing more than a few photos of starlets with their kit off - the hell is going on? Where's the actual news? Where're the features of real substance?!

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    • aelmo1

      Nov 29th 2008, 14:40

      amy smart topless! and bai ling (if im not mistaken) topless! and ur whining on about substance. This is a site for the common movie going man. now jog on, go and enjoy your 156th viewing of citizen cane jerk

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    • sowasred2012

      Dec 1st 2008, 13:07

      OK, my response; A: Yes, I'm whining about substance and the lack thereof. 2: Yes, this is a site for the common movie going man - I just didn't realise that the common movie going man couldn't separate his interest in movies from his interest in cheap smut. D: I have never even once seen Citizen Kane, thanks.

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