Cronenberg On Cronenberg: video interview

The auteur on casting Cosmopolis, Crash’s controversy and The Fly’s FX

Cosmopolis, the latest film from director David Cronenberg opens this week.

In our exclusive video interview below, Cronenberg talks at length about not only Cosmopolis, but also several of the most significant films from his prolific career.

From casting Twilight’s Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, to the controversy that continues to cling to Crash, and from The Fly’s actor-repelling make-up effects to Videodrome’s haphazard shoot, the director talks candidly and articulately, offering incredible insight into how his approach to moviemaking has developed over the years.

So settle in for an audience with Cronenberg, and get watching the video below:


Cosmopolis opens in the UK on 15 June 2012.

Read our Cosmopolis review.


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    • FBJRider

      Jun 13th 2012, 17:20

      To say Cronenberg has made some great films, he has done a terrible disservice hiring that awful potato looking thing that everyone decides to call an actor.

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    • QuietLife

      Jun 16th 2012, 0:15

      What can I say? Potatoes love a potato...

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