Curtis Hanson tracks down Gemini Man

Hitman gets hunted by… Himself?

Curtis Hanson is about to take his first crack at the sc-fi action genre – and he has Disney’s Gemini Man in his sights.

Jerry Bruckheimer’s producing the tale of an NSA agent who attempts to retire but discovers that he’s been marked for death.

And the twist? The assassin hunting him is a cloned, younger version of himself. With that pitch, it sounds either like a cool, topical thriller or the worst kind of high concept nonsense which dredges up memories of The 6th Day.

If Hanson can get the film moving, he’ll finally have dragged a nearly decades-old pitch out of development hell.

We remember reporting on this one years ago when Mel Gibson will attached to star.

David Benioff has scribbled the latest script, but we’re betting Hanson might have a crack himself.

[Source: Variety]

Will this be a cool thriller? Or a whiffy old slice of action cheese?



    • aelmo1

      Feb 13th 2009, 12:32

      hmm....... with Curtis Hanson involved i think this could b one to watch. this dudes films are always at the very least watchable, its got my vote!

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