Daft Punk to score Tron 2.0

Find out why inside...

In possibly the greatest soundtrack news since Kenny Loggins decided to take a trip into the Danger Zone, Daft Punk are currently being hotly tipped to step into the composing booth of Disney’s Tron reboot.

Why? Well, for a start they’ve spent the entirety of their career walking around like they’re in Tron:

Their gigs look like this:

And they make music like this:

Which is what we imagine Jeff Bridges’ Tron mates listen to on their helmet iPods.

Is this the best news ever? Are you excited to see what Daft Punk can do with lightcycle scenes? Should they film a cameo? Or could you not care less if we told you Justice were onboard to score a sequel to The Passion Of The Christ? Tell us below!


    • sutty

      Mar 5th 2009, 15:42

      Am not really happy about the fact they feel they need reboot tron, but if they do need to do it then daft punk should definately do the score!

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    • Jademz

      Mar 5th 2009, 23:34

      That is very exciting. I can't imagine what this will be without some trailers, but yeah excellent choice!

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