Damon Lindelof explains pseudo-Alien prequel Prometheus

“A true prequel should be entirely different”

ridley scott

Writer Damon Lindelof has spoken up about just how director Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi Prometheus fits into the Alien franchise.

Originally pitched as a prequel to the first Alien movie, Prometheus changed when Lindelof was brought in to perform a rewrite on the script.

“It started as an Alien prequel,” Lindelof explains. “That is what everybody wanted it to be. Obviously, Ridley Scott has not made a science fiction movie in 25 years, since Blade Runner, so the idea that he’s returning to this genre is huge.

“But there is a real issue which is - what is the state of the Alien franchise at this point in our lives? There has been Alien Vs Predator and all these things, and it has been completely and totally diluted.”

How to fix that? Well, go back to the very beginning and tell a completely different story.

“I’ve always felt that really good prequels should be original movies,” Lindelof says. “You can do movies which take place before Star Wars, but I don’t need to see the story of the Skywalker clan. Show me something else which I can’t guess the possible outcome of.

“There is no suspense in inevitability. So a true prequel should essentially precede the events of the original film, but be about something entirely different, feature different characters, have an entirely different theme, although it takes place in that same world.

“That was my fundamental feeling about what this movie wanted to be.”

Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, and opens 1 June 2012.

Like the sound of Prometheus? Or would you rather have a more direct prequel to Alien? Talk to us below...


    • gonzoBen

      Jun 29th 2011, 9:12

      No Xenomorphs then... Blag.

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    • G2Joethecondor

      Jun 29th 2011, 9:25

      Wow I'm loving this movie already! They seem to have all the right ingredients great actors/writers/director. I hope it all turns out well.

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    • Eiano

      Jun 29th 2011, 12:38

      Noomi is fantastic.

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    • Trickycustomer

      Jun 29th 2011, 15:56

      there is a lot riding on this one, the pressure to get it right must be immense. Least they got ridley onboard and are thinking about it in the right way instead of coughing up a no brainer franchise money maker like AVP or predators which all sucked a*s big time

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    • KerrAvon

      Jun 30th 2011, 15:54

      It sounds quite interesting now.

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    • FBAWilson76

      Jan 11th 2012, 22:09

      "...Show me something else which I can’t guess the possible outcome of." . There were two huge planets next to where the Space Jockey. These are two useful tools for the script writer to add something that could give infinite outcome. Its basically a script writers dream wild card.

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    • boebels

      Jun 25th 2012, 14:57

      Having seen Prometheus, love it or hate it, it leaves so many questions unanswered... It was a great idea to kickstart this franchise with the original director and breath new life into it for a few more sequels to come. I'm just glad it wasn't fairwell - THE END plot. I liked the plot and most characters but a few incidents were somehow handled poorly by the characters. The "Aliens" were OK, but the one with tentacles was quite shockingly out of his "depth" (excuse the pun). I would definitely have a second viewing and eagerly await a sequel.

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