Dan Aykroyd confirms Bill Murray is not doing Ghostbusters 3

More news from the long dead franchise

It would seem that the development hell of Ghostbusters 3 has hit another hurdle, with Dan Aykroyd confirming Bill Murray does not want to make the sequel.

Aykroyd has been trying to get the sequel made since 1999 when he wrote a draft of the script. He recently discussed Bill Murray's unwillingness to be involved which halted possible production, 'At this point it's in suspended animation. The studio [Sony], the director Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis feel that must be a way to do it, but Bill Murray will not do the movie.'

Despite this, Aykroyd is keen to stress that he holds no grudge against Murray for his decision, 'He's a friend first, a colleague second. We have a deep personal relationship that transcends business and he doesn't want to know.'

With rumours of Bill Murray being possibly recast, Aykroyd was quick to counter, 'We're not going to do a movie that exploits the franchise. The script has to be perfect, there is still interest from the studio.'

There's also the possibility Sony may just reboot the franchise, since the original concept of Ghostbusters 3 saw the old gang passing down their proton packs to a new generation.

Ghostbusters II
was released in 1989, five years after the original movie. The two films went on to gross nearly half a billion dollars at the box office.

Are you tired of hearing the constant on and off rumours of Ghostbusters 3? Is Murray wise to avoid returning? Tell us, below.


    • Indianabones

      Feb 29th 2012, 22:59

      No Thank you, I just rewatch Ghostbusters, I'll put up with No.2 but I think 3 will be awful

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    • bernardshakey

      Mar 1st 2012, 2:40

      Leave it be. At least murray has some integrity. I still haven't forgiven Aykroyd for blues brothers 2000.

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    • mcghater

      Mar 1st 2012, 8:07

      BILL MURRY IS A DI CK (waits for the hate)

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 1st 2012, 18:44

      Good, Bill made the right decision.

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    • FBDEnglish

      Mar 3rd 2012, 19:42

      Just reboot/remake it! Get Ryan Renolds, Jonah Hill, jason segal ! ill leave it to yr imagination to guess who would play who! :)

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    • FBMMiller

      Mar 4th 2012, 9:18

      I have an ideas for the third movie!.....how about the ghostbusters travel back in time stopping the events of the second movie ever happening, thereby leaving the world with one truely truely fantastic movie with no crappy sequels/prequels/reboots!....everyones happy! Sony you dont even have to pay me for that one!

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    • Seedorf

      Mar 5th 2012, 1:08

      No reboot for Ghostbusters? Just about everything else has been rebooted, that made any significant amount of money.

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    • loveroflostgirl

      Mar 5th 2012, 17:21

      Please don't do this Mr Aykroyd, you run the risk of getting it so very wrong and ending up on the end of a 'Lucas' sized backlash. Write a book if you really feel the need to continue with these characters but don't sulley your legacy like this, remember no-one likes Blues Brothers 2000! P.s Regarding your preposed reboot (another bad idea!), i think you forgeting a cast member FBDEnglish!

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    • Vampirehunter13

      Apr 28th 2012, 17:15

      As a true fan of Ghostbusters, not only being the perfect age, 10 years old, in 1984 when the movie came out and having had all the cheesy toys at the time, I too was guilty for a very long time of wanting there to be a third installment and for so long it sounded really cool to be finishing off the saga off with a trilogy at the end, at very least for DVD/BluRay box set collectors. I recall the release of GB2 in 89 and though it was less superior to it's predecessor in story and plot gags, the special effects were groundbreaking for the time. I truly feel the only reason the second installment failed was that too much went into special effects and not enough into story or character development, and Peter MacNicol, lol, yeah, that didn't help either lol (though I loved him in Dracula: Dead and Loving It). However, let us not forget that even though GB2 is highly criticized today, none the less, by some of the cast members themselves, at the time it came out, it was a huge box office hit and everyone was jazzed about it. I think it was just that people were starving to see a sequel for a few years and it took a while for the fans to digest that it did not hold up to the original. I think Bill Murray is smart to hold off and not be so fast to jump on board, after all, we have all seen what has been happening in the land of remakes this past decade. I have two main fears regarding a third installment, well okay, three lol. First, the concept of the original was a very "80's" thing and that magic can never be recaptured, that is like saying The Wizard of Oz can be recaptured, many well meaning writers, directors and producers there may be today and no disrespect to them, it just isn't going to happen, so I can appreciate Bill Murray wanting us to keep those fond memories of our childhood and not "screw it up" with tongue ring, tattooed, spiky haired wanna be's, trying to fill the shoes. Secondly, the magic and charm of Ghostbusters was that the guys were university throw outs, garage scientists and the rattle trap/dangerous proton packs and various other equipment added to the comedy aspect and charm. In this era of 3-D CGI computer made movies, we all know that a third installment would fall right into that pool of sorrow and what we would be seeing would be as alien to us old timer fans as it is to young kids who did not grow up in the 80's watching it for the first time, except that the kiddos of today don't have the added element of remembering how good it was before it got destroyed. Lastly, Dan Aykroyd's persistence to "get this third film made" shows that he is not caring for or cherishing the quality and charm that the first one brings us all back too and yes, Blues Bros 2000 doesn't help his case lol, my real fear is that Dan will jump at a studio green light and be willing to let the 3-D CGI minded studio heads of today take charge and make it for "today's" crowd who think of Ghostbusters as a nostalgic retro thing but don't have the respect or a childhood love of it that the real fans do. Truth be told, I foresee Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman will probably end up giving us a remake rather than a sequel now that Murray is out and it will be very smooth, technologically advanced, have little if no reflection of the original and will most likely repulse the true fans like myself who spend more time watching and loving the originals than lining up at Wonder-Con or Comic-Con, fingers crossed in hoped of finding out the latest buzz on GB3 lol. Take it from the real fans, you know, those of us who are keeping you cats at Columbia Pictures rich by means of purchasing all the new BluRay editions, DVD packs and collectible toys......leave it alone and don't destroy what doesn't need fixing.....

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