Dan Aykroyd confirms recent Ghostbusters 3 casting rumours

Hader and Faris are strong possibilities

Barely a day goes by when some new Ghostbusters 3 rumour doesn't hit the web.

But this one comes from the horse's mouth (sort of). Bloody Disgusting are reporting that Dan Aykroyd recently confirmed some casting news via an interview on WGN Radio Chicago.

Aykroyd admitted that Bill Hader and Anna Faris have been mentioned as strong possibilities, although apparently nothing is close to official yet. We could definitely imagine them fitting in and nailing the required tone.

The Ghostbusters writer and actor also brought up Eliza Dushku's (Buffy, Dollhouse) name, so perhaps they're planning to have an ass-kicking team member along with the funny faces.

Aykroyd also apparently confirmed the long-running, on-and-off rumour that Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver will be returning.

The rumour mill has been churning so long on this now that some kind of official announcement surely can't be too far off.

Source: Bloody Disgusting via WorstPreviews

Like the sound of the new line-up? Or will you be sticking with your original Ghostbusters VHS? Let us know...


    • Jawsphobia

      Nov 28th 2010, 14:02

      Zombieland would seem to suggest that Bill Murray is at peace with Ghostbusters. I like the premise that has Venkman getting killed and becoming a ghost. Jack Black also should be in this. But ultimately casting needs to take a back seat to getting the script right rather than frontloading with stars and egos which then cause the script to be pushed off course. I also like the idea of Rick Moranis coming out of retirement for this project. I think once the Office writers are done Harold Ramis and Dan have to give it a once-over. I don't care whether it synchs up with modern sensibility. The first film has a voice which I hope isn't lost.

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    • sp4cej0ckey

      Nov 29th 2010, 0:14

      Wish theyd just let it rest in peace. Every sequel ever made a couple of decades after the last has been awful e.g Indy 4, Die Hard 4, Rocky Balboa, Rambo - all terrible This is purely a quick money spinner idea and will be looked upon with great embarrassment by fans of the original.

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    • Shaddi2003

      Nov 29th 2010, 6:13

      While I enjoyed the sequels you listed @sp4cej0ckey, I will agree that they were made for the money and spit on the memory of the original films. It's hard for most people who are such fans of originals to see the films as their own work, when they are being advertised as BIGGER and BETTER and have so many references to their predecessors. I am a fan of the original Ghostbusters movies and have long wanted a sequel, but I am sure it's too late for something that can carry on the legacy, especially since it will most likely be a "passing of the torch" film to ensure more sequels. Secondly. @Jawsphobia I really hope Jack Black doesn't have a part in this film. Jack Black the comedic actor is much like Will Ferrell, over the top, annoying, and not as funny as people think. They play the same characters too often, which sure it makes them money, but they are both fully capable of a bigger range of roles. Jack Black, the "dramatic" actor (I didn't like "Be Kind Rewind", but he gave a good performance) and Will Ferrell the "not-bumbling-fool" would be a welcome change of pace in films. Besides, unfortunately, this generation is more aware of those two actors than they are Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, or Rick Moranis. Bill Murray gave them Zombieland and Sigourney Weaver gave them Avatar. It needs to be about the core group, and maybe some lesser known comedic actors in the "younger" roles. I, personally, would love to see Joel Mchale or any of the other "Community" actors in roles in the film. After seeing the Doctor Who episode "Army of Ghosts", I instantly wanted to see David Tennant in a Ghostbusters role. Somebody who is funny, but won't steal the spotlight from the old pros.

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    • JuntMonkey

      Nov 29th 2010, 9:35

      @sp4cej0ckey Indy 4, Die Hard 4, and Rocky Balboa are all "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes. Die Hard 4 is over 80%. Rocky Balboa was better reviewed than every movie in the series except for the first and got "Two Big Thumbs Up". Die Hard 4 was better reviewed than 2 and 3. Feel free to check my work. Rambo IV has a higher rating than II and about the same as III. It's a perfectly good sequel for what it is. You're ignoring the fact that Rambo II-III, much like the middle Rockys and arguably 1 or 2 of the Die Hards, are not good. Ghostbusters 2 is also not good, and I will happily make a bet with you that 3 will be better reviewed than 2. $100 sound good? I can be persuaded in either direction. I'd ask you to actually try watching Rocky Balboa rather than just assume it must be terrible because the idea is so ridiculous. One of the movie's great strengths is that it took this seemingly terrible idea of a near-60 year old Rocky getting back in the ring and made it plausible. If you did actually see it and hated it, you're in the minority and are probably letting pre-conceived biases get in the way.

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    • MrValentine118

      Jun 22nd 2013, 4:33

      ok ok im all for this GB3 thing but GET IT STARTED ALREADY!! or shut up completely because this on off thing is soooooo old its not even news anymore. no one wants to hear the little stuff about if anymore they need to just start on it. give us the 1st TRAILER show us something new and official if the trailer is big enough im sure it will make the man everyone seems to want in. it might make Bill dragging feet Murray to move on it because thats all he's waiting for. bill himself has not said if he was in or out all he ever said was two things 1 the script has to be very good and 2 they need to get going on it. bill himself said show me something concrete that the 3rd is on then he'll jump for it till then he aint saying s**tt. im sure GB3 is gonna happen within a year or 2 but damn its taking soo long. hell every other returning movie like beetlejuice 2 dumb and dumber 2 will be made before *cough* ghost*cough*busters*hack*3 lmao

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