Daniel Radcliffe talks Oscars

Says Alan Rickman deserves the nod

Daniel Radcliffe has been talking to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming nominations for the 2012 Academy Awards, and he’s making the case for his Potter co-star Alan Rickman to land Best Supporting Actor.

Rickman is not currently thought to be among the frontrunners for that particular gong, but Radcliffe believes that his name should definitely be on the shortlist when it is announced in January.

“I don't think there is going to be another performance from an actor in a supporting role that is so powerful,” says Radcliffe, “where the actor had the challenge of realising a scene that's been realised millions of times the world over in the imaginations of readers.”

“That scene - those revelations about Snape's past - represented maybe the most anticipated part of [one of] the most anticipated movies of the past 10 years,” continues the star. “I think Alan does amazing, amazing work.”

Traditionally, the Academy has tended to avoid big franchise movies when it comes to the individual acting awards. However, we’re with Radcliffe in believing Rickman deserves some recognition for the sterling work he’s put in on the Potter series over the last decade.

We’ll have to wait until the new year to find out whether he’s made it or not, with the Academy’s nominees remaining a closely guarded secret until the official announcement on 12 January 2012

Do you agree with Radcliffe? Should Rickman be nominated? Share your thoughts, below.


    • FeanorCulnamo79

      Dec 9th 2011, 14:00

      Give Snape an Oscar or.......................Confundo!

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    • FBMJackson

      Dec 9th 2011, 14:49

      Definately.... Having read all of the books and seen all of the movies I have to say that the particular scene which Radcliffe mentions was so very well done both the scene and Rickman deserve to be recognised. Alan Rickman is one of the best actors Britain has and I doubt anyone could have played the role of Snape as well. Give the man what he deserves......

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    • FBALee

      Dec 9th 2011, 16:32

      Amen. And way to go Radcliffe for praising this brilliant performance. I've never cried so hard in a movie.

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 10th 2011, 0:36

      Look I enjoyed the film but it's definitely not Oscar worthy.

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    • FBALee

      Dec 10th 2011, 3:03

      Reflecting upon the people/films that have won Oscars in years past, I say it is more than worthy.

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 10th 2011, 14:33

      At best the films are 4/5, personally I enjoyed Prisoner Of Azkaban and The Goblet Of Fire the most. I wasn't happy with WB for sticking with Yates for the last couple movies, they should have pulled out the stops to bring back Alfonso Curon. The only Oscar's they can hope for are SFX, Costume Design and sound.

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    • anant

      Dec 10th 2011, 17:27

      give Radcliffe an oscar for suggesting this, it is so good a suggestion, Rickman definitely deserves an oscar for his stunning work as snape!

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    • FBPDaber

      Jan 10th 2012, 1:08

      I think the art department of these movies have deserved an Oscar since the first one. And Radcliffe once again showing he is a real class act supporting Rickman so much.

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