Danny Trejo signs on for Haunted High

Charisma Carpenter and Jonathan Baron on board too

Danny Trejo has joined the cast of Haunted High, playing the janitor at a private school in New England.
It won't just be floors that he's mopping up though, as his character's alter-ego sees him act as protector of the school.
Jonathan Baron plays the grandson of a former headmaster, with M.C. Gainey cast as his demonic relative who returns from the grave.
Meanwhile, Buffy's Charisma Carpenter plays a librarian, while Degrassi: Next Generation's Marc Donato is the school's bad boy.
The Syfy original movie will be directed by Jeffrey Lando and is expected to get a theatrical release (before playing an infinite number of times on Syfy).

Will Trejo's janitor be more kick ass than Hong Kong Phooey? Can Charisma Carpenter recapture the form - and hotness - she found in The Expendables? Will the effects be better than most Syfy movies? Give us your opinions below! 

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