Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway fight scene pic

Catwoman ain't giving up that apple

They say an apple a day keeps The Doctor away, although we're not sure how that would work given that he drives a flippin' TARDIS. Seems it doesn't work on bad guys either, as the latest shot from The Dark Knight Rises proves. 
Yes, Selena Kyle (AKA Catwoman AKA Anne Hathaway) has a fight scene during the LA shoot where she hangs on to her half-eaten apple. 
Whether this was a mugger who took a shine to her fruit or just a random encounter, we're not too sure. 
That picture were captured by JustJared.com, while On Set LA snapped the great image below of the 3rd Street tunnel stacked with cars.
Only one taxi by our count – they could learn something from The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises opens on 20 July 2012. 

All this for an apple: what would she do to keep hold of a banana? Tell us below!

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