Dark Knight Rises producer Emma Thomas talks Bane and Catwoman

Exclusive: “It’s completely new”



Total Film recently chatted with producer Emma Thomas (AKA Mrs Christopher Nolan) about what we could expect from epic superhero threequel The Dark Knight Rises.

Despite the promise that this trilogy-closer will wrap up Nolan’s Bat-saga, the team haven’t made things easy on themselves. Instead, they’ve thrown a heap of new characters into the mix, including Tom Hardy’s Bane, and Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle (or Catwoman, if you will).

On Tom Hardy, Thomas told us, “Tom made a massive physical transformation for the role... It really is an intense performance.”

“He finally feels like a match for Batman – both physically and mentally.”

Thomas is confident that sparks will fly: “Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are both such fiercely committed actors that pitching them as adversaries works incredibly well – they have such a great chemistry on camera.”

And on Anne Hathaway’s role as Catwoman, Thomas dropped scant hints. “It’s completely new,” she admitted, “and it’s a really interesting role. You never quite know where you are with her.”

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Are you sad that this is Nolan’s final Bat-flick, or too damn excited to care? Tell us!


    • SiMan

      Feb 14th 2012, 14:44

      I reckon Michelle Pfeiffer would have Anne Hathaway for breakfast.......and least, thats what happened in my dream

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    • FBJRider

      Feb 14th 2012, 22:56

      Michelle has nothing on Anne, and not just because Anne's hotter

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 15th 2012, 21:58

      SiMan I like this dream, any chance you can lend it to me ?

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    • Mattsimus

      Feb 15th 2012, 23:01

      @Ali1748....are you a guy? I had you down as a chick and well maybe you are, either way you liking the dream is cool with the Mattster! : D......??? Oh looking forward to TDKR btw! haha x

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    • FBRMeeting

      Feb 16th 2012, 5:37

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    • FBSBelandres

      Feb 22nd 2012, 21:14

      Michelle Pfeifer's Catwoman was brilliant. She fit in perfectly with Tim Burton's world of Batman, and if you were alive at all back then you know what a great job it was on her part because it wasn't like her other roles. I don't have a lot of faith in Anne Hathaway but I doubt they made her do anything other than look pretty and whisper things all breathy and sexy so she'll be fine.

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