David Fincher directing The Social Network?

You might know it as The Facebook Movie…

Back when Aaron Sorkin announced he was going to write a movie about the birth of Facebook, we thought it might never actually see the light of day. Well, now Sony has David Fincher interested.

Yes, the man who last made The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, is in serious talks to helm The Social Network, which will indeed trace the evolution of Facebook from its early days to its current internet behemoth position.

But it’s not just status updates and friend requests – at least, we’d hope not with Sorkin (below) scripting and Fincher considering the helm.

There appears to be plenty of drama around the formation with Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg set to be a central figure, since he’s the bloke who created it.

And the studio seems intent on going ahead – it wants to get this thing shooting before the year is out.

We can see the rival groups now: "10,000 members who want Fincher on board" vs "No To Fincher! Join Us!" It will be war...

[Source: Variety]

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    • ashley.russell

      Jun 24th 2009, 11:18

      of course, who wouldn't be?! And at least this one won't be an obvious oscar-begging flick like Button, I hope.

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    • somewhatfrail

      Jun 26th 2009, 14:39

      I'm quite tempted to put this as my status.

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