David Goyer may rev Ghost Rider back up

He's circling a deal to oversee the development...

There's big franchise news for Sony today - the company is targeting David Goyer as the man to get Ghost Rider back on track.

Yes, Goyer is the man Sony thinks might be able to rescue Ghost Rider from the dodginess that plagued the first, Nic Cage-starring film.

The writer/director still has yet to lock in a deal, and even if he does, it's only currently for him to write the story and oversee other writers. But the story is likely to be based on a Rider script he wrote years ago.

And he may end up directing, though given that he's had some mixed results (Blade Trinity? The Unborn?) that's not even in the plans yet.

Plus, there's still the Nic Cage issue to deal with - can an effective GR pic get made with him in the lead? We're not convinced yet…

[Source: Variety]

Should Sony go back to the Rider well? Speak!

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