David O Russell looking to make The Grackle

Matthew McConaughey’s barroom brawler comedy

David O Russell is considering taking on New Orleans-set comedy The Grackle, with Matthew McConaughey attached to star.

If he signs, Russell will be directing the tale of a barroom fighter who helps clients solve legal problems with his fists.

The film has been lodged in development for years at New Line, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but is only now finding its feet.


Chris Poole and Mike Arnold’s script will be produced by New Line’s current incarnation after it was made part of Warners earlier in the year.

Russell is certainly the man for quirky comedy, but given all the trouble that his last film, Nailed, went through while shooting (financial troubles, union issues), is he really the safest pair of hands?


    • dalebiskit

      Nov 13th 2008, 18:22

      THE GRACKLE looks at the photo - DALE BISKIT is as ugly as can be imagined. THE GRACKLE shrieks with genuine horror. GRACKLE: Aaaaah! [holding the picture at a distance, like it has the plague] What the f**k is that? GINGER: What? GRACKLE: This guy. f**k. Did he lose a bet in the womb or something? And what's with his hair? Looks like he duct-taped a wet mongoose to his head. This s**t's not contagious is it? GINGER: He looks better in person. GRACKLE: Is this guy retarded? Because I won't hit a retard. Thought I did once, but turns out it was just Colin Farrell.

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