David Oyelowo joins Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

As does David Gyasi

Despite claims that Wes Bentley would be the last piece of casting for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, two more names have now been added to the team-sheet.

David Oyelowo and David Gyasi have both signed on to the science-fiction spectacular, scotching the idea that Bentley had filled the last remaining key role in the production.

Gyasi was most recently seen in Cloud Atlas, and had a background role as 'Skinny Prisoner' in The Dark Knight Rises, while Oyelowo has impressed in high-profile turns in Jack Reacher and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Both actors appeared in Red Tails.

No specifics have been given as to who either man might be playing, but given the paucity of detail surrounding the film in general, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

What we do know is that the film will follow a team of space explorers who find themselves stumbling upon the possibility of time travel when encountering wormholes in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Directed by Nolan and co-starring  Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Michael Caine and Casey Affleck, Interstellar will open in the UK on 23 August 2014.

What are you hoping to see from the new film? Tell us, below!


    • Ali1748

      Jul 31st 2013, 14:55

      Now this is more like it Nolan.

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    • Mattsimus

      Jul 31st 2013, 18:48

      Really never thought this guy could act for toffee or maybe just cos he irritated me in apes? Mmm, was more impressed by the last addition to be honest.... Now lets start making the film YYEEAAHHH XMX

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    • StevePotter

      Aug 2nd 2013, 0:12

      Gaaaaaaah! I love David Gyasi!

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