DC Comics' Fables lands a director for big-screen adaptation

Harry Potter producer developing the fantasy property

DC Comics is set to expand its movie universe, following the announcement that long-running comic-book series Fables is to become a feature film.
The comic-book follows a band of famous figures from fairy-tale lore, including Snow White, Prince Charming and the Big Bad Wolf, who have been ejected from their fantasy land, only to wash up in present-day New York.
Harry Potter producer David Heyman is developing the project, with Nikolaj Arcel (he of A Royal Affair) set to fill the director’s chair. Jeremy Slater will be adapting the script from Bill Willingham’s source material.
Fables nearly made its way to the silver screen back in 2004, when Warner attempted to develop an adaptation with The Jim Henson Company, only for the project to stall before a script could be drafted.

ABC were also keen to adapt the comic as a TV series in 2008, but that too collapsed at an early stage. Fingers crossed this new endeavour enjoys better fortune…  

Is Fables well-suited to a movie adaptation? Tell us, below! 


    • ilikescifi

      Jun 5th 2013, 12:23

      i loved this graphic novel series, it might be the right time to release it, every other recent 'fairytale' retelling has been kind of lame but Game of Thrones is proof that medieval can work with the right material

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    • FBAPedersen

      Jun 5th 2013, 12:31

      Very difficult idea to manage, as the characters are based on the original stories and not the "Disneyfied" versions that the audience knows. Plus the fact that the main storyline and subplots are astronomical in size, so what parts should be used? I think it would work much better as a TV series.

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    • matthewjeffs

      Jun 5th 2013, 13:50

      Sounds like someone is cashing in on 'Once Upon A Time's current popularity.

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    • ilikescifi

      Jun 5th 2013, 16:12

      FBAPedersen quite right, the majority of the world has only seen the disney versions. Take The Little Mermaid for example - that is a very depressing, gruesome fable with nay singing crab

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