De Niro and Norton: together again

They’re attached to the psycho thriller Stone

Robert De Niro and Edward Norton might just end up together on screen again for the first time since 2001’s The Score, as they’re both attached to indie thriller Stone.

John Curran (who worked with Norton on The Painted Veil) is directing the film, which sounds a little like Monster’s Ball – since it features a prison officer (De Niro) falling for the wife of a convicted arsonist (Norton) up for parole.

Boasting a script from Junebug scribe Angus McLachlan, it’ll have to wait until after Curran is finished directing The Beautiful And The Damned with Keira Knightley starring.

Plus, there’s always the looming possibility that De Niro will be busy making Little Fockers. Because we all want that one, don’t we?

[Source: THR]

Are you excited to see De Niro and Norton mix it up on screen again?


    • punchdrunklove

      May 7th 2009, 9:55

      Little Fockers-I hope your being sarcastic TotalFilm.

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