Del Toro to star in Making Jack Falcone

Star re-teams with Steven Soderbergh


Fresh from their work on bum-numbing bi-epic Che, Benecio Del Toro, Steven Soderbergh and writer Peter Buchman are set to reconvene for mafia thriller Making Jack Falcone.

Soderbergh will only be on production duties this time, with no director attached as yet, whilst Buchman will again be looking after the script.

The news we’re most excited about though is the casting of Del Toro as real-life FBI man Jack Garcia, who infiltrated the notorious Gambino crime family under the wiseguy alias of ‘Jack Falcone’ during the early noughties.

A legendary figure in mafia history, Garcia was so convincing he was invited to become a “made guy,” an invitation that was presumably revoked after he personally ensured 39 family members ended up behind bars.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for another Del Toro performance in the vein of his smart-mouthed turn in The Usual Suspects. And with such a cracking story to play with, this one should hopefully be an organised-crime thriller to file alongside Donnie Brasco and The Departed.

Ready for another Del Toro / Soderbergh collaboration? Let us know below.

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