Diablo Cody off to Sweet Valley High

She's writing and producing a film of the teen books

Since we know you all love A) Diablo Cody and B) the Sweet Valley High Books of Francine Pascal, we know you'll be delighted with word that she's shepherding them to the screen.

Okay, so maybe not all of you are whistling, cheering and clapping like the crowd at the end of a successful game, but Pascal's books do have a hefty, Twilight-like (if nowhere near as rabid) following and Cody's still an in-demand writer despite Jennifer's Body's less-than-impressive box office debut across the pond.

The books focus on two sexy identical twins who couldn't be more different in personality - there's sensitive, practical Elizabeth and boy-hungry Jessica who live in the town of (guess what?) Sweet Valley.

Pascal pumped out more than 150 books in the series (take that, Stephanie "slowcoach" Meyer!) and a TV show (above) based on the novels aired between 1994 and 1997 and was definitely never watched by anyone who contributes to this site. Nope, no way.

Aanyhoo… Universal has decided that a film needs to made, so it has hired Cody to produce and write the first instalment as soon as it locks in the rights to the book series.

But if the sound of all this teen-chick-lit stuff is making you queasy, the writer/producer is also working on Breathers: A Zombie's Lament for Fox.

There, now you feel better.

[Source: Variety]

Anyone excited? Anyone? Come on Sweet Valley fans - speak up! No one will mock you.


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