Diane Kruger signs on for Farewell My Queen

Replaces Eva Green

Diane Kruger

Eva Green has officially dropped out of Benoit Jacquot’s Marie Antoinette biopic Farewell, My Queen.

But fear not, an equally gorgeous European has stepped in to take her place, with Diane Kruger set to don a powdered wig and giant, frilly frock as the young queen. We imagine.

Set towards the end of the French Revolution, the film is an adaptation of Chantal Thomas’ novel. It should be interested to see what Jacquot, who directed School Of Flesh and The Untouchable, will do with the material.

Kruger joins Gerard Depardieu in the film, though it is currently unknown which role the actor will play.

Farewell, My Queen goes in front of cameras in spring 2011.

Kruger or Green? Which would you prefer in the role? Tell us below...


    • jukeofurl

      Apr 27th 2011, 16:24

      As I think both women are excellent actors, I'd hate to see either lose her head. Unless it was over me. No danger there Joshua, drop those dukes. I do have a thing for Morgan le Fey, however. . ..

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