DiCaprio set to begin Hoover project in 2011

Filming scheduled for January

Leonardo DiCaprio has announced that filming for Clint Eastwood’s Hoover biopic will begin in January/February 2011.

The film will focus on controversial figure J. Edgar Hoover, who founded the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the 1930s and remained its director until his death nearly forty years later.

Hoover was known to be a shady operator who kept files on countless public figures and world leaders - and was himself not immune to scandal - so there is plenty of great material for Eastwood and DiCaprio to work with.

On breaking with frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese, DiCaprio recently joked that "an infidelity is in place".

Eastwood famously beat Scorsese and DiCaprio's The Aviator to the Best Picture Oscar in 2005 with Million Dollar Baby.

Regardless of the material or subject, a collaboration between these two is something we definitely can't wait to see.


Will this Hoover up awards? Or will it simply blow? Let us know!


    • aragorn01

      Nov 16th 2010, 18:03

      i hope eastwood would live healthy and long enough to finish a biopic with such heavy subject. i'm not too sure dicaprio is the man for the job, though. they should've gone with somebody else, leo's already done a wonderful howard hughes. it'll be interesting to see somebody else do this one.

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