Director boarding Reeve's Passengers

Gabriele Muccino in talks for Keanu's latest


Gabriele Muccino is in talks to direct Keanu Reeves’s sci-fi romance Passengers, described by the Italian director as a love story set on a spaceship.

Muccino announced the news at the press conference for his first Italian language film in seven years, Kiss Me Again, the sequel to 2001's The Last Kiss.

Despite Muccino's continental credentials, the director is best known for his recent success in Hollywood.

In 2006, Muccino teamed up with Will Smith for The Pursuit of Happyness, and in 2008 the pair reunited for Seven Pounds.

Set in the future, Passengers will star Reeves as a - what for it -  passenger on a trip to a distant planet. The journey lasts centuries and Reeves wakes up from his cryogenic sleep 90 years too soon.

Bored and rattling around a deserted spaceship, Reeves decides he needs some company, so he wakes up a beautiful woman, as you do.

Jon Spaihts, who was hired to write the script for Ridley Scott’s Untitled Alien Prequel, has penned the Passengers script.

Will you join Muccino onboard Passengers...?




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