Dream House director wanted his name removed from film

Jim Sheridan unhappy with final cut

Director Jim Sheridan petitioned the Directors Guild of America this summer to have his name removed from the film Dream House
Morgan Creek Productions - the major financial backer behind the project - was unhappy with the amount of improvisation that deviated from David Loucka’s script. The company recut the film following poor test screenings. 
Sheridan dropped his original bid to have his name removed when Morgan Creek agreed to fund reshoots. 
However, without the right to the final cut in his contract, it was a version cut by Morgan Creek that was released into cinemas and the director refused to do publicity for the film. 
Sheridan has since reinstated his petition to have his name taken off the film. 
Dream House, which stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, opens 25 November 2011 in the UK. 

Should a director always have final cut? Or does a studio have the right to protect its investment? Put your name to a comment below. 


    • FBPRock

      Oct 10th 2011, 17:35

      Jim sheridan needs to get away from the american film industry. its done nothing but throw him half assed movies when he is an extremely talented director. he needs to come back to europe and work. just as long as he doesnt do any sequels. i dont think 'My Right Foot' would work.

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