Director Tarsem Singh talks the Immortals script

“I saw nothing interesting in it”

The boring question to ask the talent is “What attracted you to this project?” That's because the answer is usually, “the script”. Unless you're talking to Immortals director Tarsem Singh. 
“Usually, I’m not interested in it if it’s a serial-killer film or if it’s a space movie or a period film like this,” Singh told SFX magazine
“In the beginning I saw nothing interesting in it. I read the script. It really was nothing like what it has ended up as in the end. I just said, ‘It’s got gods, it’s got Greeks.’ None of that really interested me.”
We're guessing something must have peaked his interest, given that he took the directing gig. 
“I’ve been an atheist since I was nine years old. And my mum is really religious, so we have a strange relationship. But if my mother was right, what would be the reason that the gods could let anything bad happen in the world?
"I took two or three months and I came up with a reason that I thought was enough and I went with it: if there is a God he’s definitely not benevolent. We should mean less to him than ants. And if there is a God or there are gods they would value, more than anything, free will,” he explained, getting a bit metaphysical. 
Then he decided to elaborate using an example we'd like to file under Too Much Information. 
“If a God showed up tomorrow, we’d go, ‘Oh my fucking God, he’s amazing’ and our free will would be compromised. The example I always give is, I’d have a very hard time taking a Barely Legal magazine and masturbating in a bathroom if I knew that Jesus could walk in.
"Your true nature doesn’t come out. So the gods let you do what you want because free will would be compromised if they showed up at the White House saying, ‘Take us to your leader',” Singh said. 
How does all of this end with him directing a film based on a script he originally hated? Keep up people. 
“When I came to the script, it was like, ‘Theseus goes to a door and there’s a hundred-headed monster there and Theseus fires on it.’ I said, ‘I don’t know how the fuck to do that. But if I can put this theme in, I’ll put my take on it. It’ll have my DNA.’ Relativity went, ‘Brilliant.’ Or maybe they were thinking, ‘How the fuck is he gonna do it?’ One of those two. And they left me alone. We got to make the film we wanted to make.”

Does the idea that God might walk into your bathroom affect the creative decisions you make on a daily basis? Has this explanation made you want to see Immortals more or less? Tell us below! 


    • albongo

      Oct 24th 2011, 14:01

      How old is this idiot? Twelve?! Nothing turns me off more than having a professional of the movie world use the f-bomb. They lose all credibility. Kevin Smith does it and he looks like a moron. Pathetic.

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    • FBSDhondt

      Oct 24th 2011, 17:35

      people who use the term 'f-bomb' lose all credibility to me. it's a word. it's in the dictionary. if they don't want people to use it they should take it out. Tarsem has got my vote ever since he made it look like J-Lo could act (The Cell) and he made the greatest fantasy film Del Toro never made (The Fall). He's a visual artist AND a gifted story teller, so maybe that's why his vision of the usual 'Gods vs humans' should at least get the benefit of the doubt. barely legal or not ;)

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    • 5thghostbuster

      Oct 24th 2011, 18:21

      The thing that stands out for me from his quotes isn't the language or the dubious reading material but the fact it comes across like he couldn't care less about this film. Hope it's a good action flick despite that

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    • MikeyRix

      Oct 24th 2011, 19:10

      Well, I'm not interested in this film. Does anybody honestly care? No. Same could go for this guy; if he's not as interested in the film he's bloody well DIRECTING as he's coming across, why in the name of a r s e is he directing the thing?

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    • StevePotter

      Oct 25th 2011, 20:31

      I love Tarsem, but he comes across as kind of an a*s here. Well, at least he's ridiculously talented.

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    • DanielMcA

      Oct 26th 2011, 22:05

      Have you tried locking the bathroom door?

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