Disney already working on future Cars spin-offs?

Branching out beyond Planes

Is Disney already planning to create a whole franchise of spin-offs based on its Cars movies? 
John Lasseter's introduction to Planes at the D23 Expo - the first film set in the same universe as Cars - certainly suggests that's the plan. 
“[We're creating] an entirely new film set in the world of Cars but it's about the different vehicles. The first one we're doing from the Disney Toon Studios is called Planes.” 
You'll notice he said “the first” there. 
“The world of Cars is really big,” he added. “When I look out of my window when I'm driving I see a whole other set of characters.” 
The plot of Planes centres around Dusty (Two And A Half Men's Jon Cryer), a single-prop agriculture plane who lives in the small town of Propwash Junction. Can he compete with the lean, mean, trophy-winning machines he idolises? 
“We always record the dialogue first because we get inspiration from the actors. The character of Dusty would be nothing without Emmy Award winning Jon Cryer,” Lasseter told D23. 
“To be a part of the Cars universe is so ridiculous,” Cryer said as he joined Lasseter on stage. “If you guys ever get a chance to do a voice character in a Disney movie, do it because it's awesome.” 

What future spin-offs are possible with this franchise? Could Trains kick Thomas The Tank Engine's ass? Will Boats and Submarines take to the ocean? Is Goliath the evil truck from Knight Rider still in the acting game and if so can he appear in Trucks? Share your thoughts below. 


    • albongo

      Aug 22nd 2011, 18:51

      I see that Disney is going back to old habits I see. It is the 90's all over again.

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    • danclay77

      Aug 22nd 2011, 18:57

      I know - a shame really when Wall-E and Up were so so good. Why not explore alternative ideas like these rather than lame inanimate objects-as-humans stories.

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 22nd 2011, 22:30

      No more boring Cars universe, lets see Incredibles 2!

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    • apbgreen

      Aug 22nd 2011, 23:03

      Give it up John. Just give it up.

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    • FBACompton

      Aug 23rd 2011, 0:02

      I wish this would stop, I'm not the biggest fan of the Cars franchise and now it's just resorted to blatant cash ins.

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    • thegedman

      Aug 23rd 2011, 8:08

      Listen guys at the end of the day these boys have the cash so there always going to be right**s there way or no way.Its how the world works.......unfortunately. And while am here please leave Toy Story alone.You've made the perfect trilogy can we not leave it at that?

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