Disney rejects Anne Frank

David Mamet's adaptation shoved into turnaround

Looks like David Mamet will have to shop his take on The Diary Of Anne Frank somewhere else - Disney has rejected his script for the film.

The Wrap reports that Mamet's idea has turned into something that strays pretty far from the source material.

"It's very intense, and dark and scary," says one executive source. "It's not a film version of The Diary of Anne Frank. The story evolved into something more intense."

Yes, Mamet - never a man to do things too conventionally - had fashioned the story of a contemporary Jewish girl who travels to Israel and learns first hand about the trauma of suicide bombing.

Not very Disney, then….

[Source: The Wrap]

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    • NiNoNegative

      Sep 25th 2009, 9:29

      Clever way of getting publicity for a script that he was having trouble selling before? Hand it into Disney, they reject it since it's not what they asked for, it gets into the news and another studio picks it up? It does sound like a Natalie Portman starring/co-producing Oscar nominated movie waiting to be made.

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