DJ Caruso directing Dead Space

He's tackling the video game adaptation

Looks like we'll be waiting even longer for Y: The Last Man, as DJ Caruso has added Dead Space to his directing schedule.

There's no writer attached yet - apparently Caruso and the producers have been entertaining pitches - but whoever gets selected will find a space engineer responding to a starship's distress call.

When he arrives, he discovers that the mining vessel is overrun with monstoids known as Necromorphs.

And what are they? Technically, they're mutated zombies re-animated by a virus. Yeah, that old story...

If the first film makes it through development hell and works on screen, EA is already developing a second and third entry in the game series.

[Source: Variety]

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    • endaoconnor

      Jul 27th 2009, 13:44

      The game is great, it does have the makings of a very good sci-fi horror, but then so did 'Doom' and look what happend there.

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 27th 2009, 20:56

      The game is fantastic It could work as a film with the right Director behind it. DJ Caruso as director worries me.

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