Doctor Who movie rumour resurfaces

The BBC has a script “in development…"

It’s one of the oldest chestnuts in the film rumour world – the idea of turning Dr Who into a film.

In fact, it’s such an old chestnut, it was probably the staple food of Ida, the “missing link” fossil touted recently.

But it just won’t go away – buried in a BBC story about David Tenant’s outgoing Doctor cropping up in an episode of spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures was a ‘BBC Films spokeswoman’ blabbing that “a script is in development".

We’ve been through this time and time again – when the series lay dormant, there were stories that Steven Spielberg would pick up the movie rights and test footage of flying Daleks kept cropping up.

Then, when Russell T Davies and co brought it triumphantly back to small screens, the rumours kicked up a notch – the Beeb would naturally want to capitalise on the new series’ success.

Yet still nothing – and with the production team, now led by executive producer Steven Moffat busy hard at work on the latest series, we doubt anything will happen while the show is still airing.

We’re sure the Who cash cow will eventually squeeze out a big screen outing, but for now, it looks like the only cinematic Doctor will be Peter Cushing. Oh, and Paul McGann’s TV movie Doc…

[Source: BBC News]

Do you want a Who movie? Or are you happy sticking with the show?



    • GrandiaKnight

      May 27th 2009, 23:33

      Not again! Stick to the TV series please!

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    • GrandiaKnight

      May 27th 2009, 23:36

      Not Again! Stick to the TV show please!

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    • NickyC

      May 28th 2009, 15:07

      But Doctor Who's a bunch of camp twaddle? This will have to be aimed at kids, surely? Like the TV series. That's right adult fans, you ARE watching kids TV!

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    • TazzaWazza

      May 28th 2009, 22:07

      David Tennant on the big screen, yes please!!!

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